Sitting here, with a fistful of yarn (all about me)

I’m 34-year old single mom to a 10 and 7 1/2 year old. I waitress 6 days a week, and love being out with people.  I am offbeat, bouncy, quirky, outgoing and love to laugh. I have a way of making those around me smile.  I enjoy being quite the social butterfly. There are times that I do like to have some quiet, down-time.  This is when you will find me curled up on the couch, with my yarn and pointy sticks.  My yarn and pointy sticks do travel with me though.  I have been spotted bringing them to doctor’s offices, dinner out and even to the movie theater.

I am FAR from conventional and have streaks of brightly colored hair that I tend to change as my mood strikes. It’s been purple, bleached, dark brown, pink, red and blue.  I have some facial piercings, and got my first tattoo for my 34th birthday.  I love to throw dinner parties and play games with my friends.

I will sometimes try to speak in a cheesy British accent, when around one of my best friends. Neither one of us is British, but we love doing it anyway. I’m the girl at work, that randomly declares “necklace night”.  I have also been known to pass crazy notes and hold keys or pens for ransom.  I am a sci-fi geek and love anything Doctor Who, Firefly, Farscape, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Mystery Science Theater and Buffy related.

I knit anything from ugly, to cutesy, to eclectic things.  If I can make it noticeable, I will usually try to show the world how awesome it is, what they are missing out on, and thus realizing it’s potential.

It all started out with my mom wanting a pair of slippers to wear on her boat. She asked me if I remembered the slippers my great grandma’s used to make. Of course I did! I went searching through my knitting things and FOUND the pattern that I had hand copied when I was a teenager. I let my mother know, and she said that she would love anything in that style. She challenged me to make her the ugliest pair of slippers ever. I was up to that challenge! I sought out the ugliest yarn combination and my first pair of “ugly slippers” were created. My family saw them and promptly declared them “FUGLY”.  The rest folks, is history…


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My love for knitting will someday be permanently etched onto my body, in the form of a kick-ass tattoo.  When that happens, I will definitely update with pictures.  Until then, enjoy my quirky little corner of the knitting webz.


2 Responses to “Sitting here, with a fistful of yarn (all about me)”

  1. Dude, now that’s getting cooler, you have no excuse not to be blogging, particularly since the elder young one is picking it up.

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