Let it snow….

Between last night and tonight, my little corner of Vermont got about 20 inches of snow dumped on it.  Within a 30-mile radius there were reports of anywhere between 12 and 33 inches.  Pretty impressive for a 24-hour time period.  Roads were nasty, and the snow just kept falling all day.  What better to do than sit in and knit?  And that’s just what I did.

I finished the other mate to the xmas party mitts this afternoon. I had other projects that were a bit more pressing, and the mate came late. The recipient was ok with that, as she REALLY wanted the blanket that I put with the gift.

Now that those are finished, I’ve cast on the Irish Hiking Hat from Nik’s Knits.  You can find this pattern on her site, in the sidebar to the right.

A very successful day, I’d say 🙂


~ by Kerri on January 3, 2010.

4 Responses to “Let it snow….”

  1. Those mitts are made of awesome.

  2. You know, I’ve been meaning to make myself a set of fingerless gloves for a while now. Yours turned out great.

    • Thanks so much Nikki! They’re so easy to knit up and I’m addicted to them. They’re not all that “practical” here in Vermont, but they do work nicely going back and forth between car and building 🙂

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