A semi-accomplished feeling.

I’ve finished one half of the Tua Cha pair.  I’m as pleased as I can be.  It won’t fit me, but for someone with a smaller hand, it will be perfect.  I love how easy this pattern is to knit up.  I had 2 inches knit up this morning, before leaving for work.  I picked back up after dinner this evening.  It’s now finished completely.  This is definitely a pattern for a lazy, snow- day.  You can have a pair completed in a day if you’re persistent–or a weekend if you’re going to take it a bit slower.

The sizing is for a medium woman’s hand.  For the medium size, it’s a bit tight on my hand.  I think I also need to loosen up with my bind off.  If I were to make it for myself, I’ll definitely go up a needle size.  I can’t even imagine how much smaller the small size would be.

The pattern was originally on Magknits.com, but as that site is no longer active, the wonderful Victoria Myers has offered it for free on Ravelry.  You do have to have a membership to Ravelry to obtain the pattern.  If you do, you can find the pattern here.

Even Chong has to “help”.


~ by Kerri on December 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “A semi-accomplished feeling.”

  1. Got a link on that pattern?

  2. These are very pretty Kerri. I also like your cat with your yarn. If that was Odin, he would have it torn apart.

    • Oh trust me Dawn, he’s done his share of chewing my working yarn apart. It drives me nuts when I get to it and it’s all slimy and spitty.

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