Yarn fail….

I have been knitting but it’s been slow going.  I ripped out the Rose Tyler cabled mittens 3 times and finally gave up.

I cast on Knitty.com’s Fetching.  While it was an easy pattern, I found that it just looks way too sloppy.  The method for the thumb is also really inconvenient.

A friend came over and we spent a great few hours knitting and watching classic Doctor Who.  I finished one mitt out of a pair using a modified Voodoo pattern.  He nearly finished a mitt of his own.

I made Tua Cha a couple years ago and I recently cast that on once again.  I realize I’ve become FAR too much of a perfectionist and ripped this out already once.

I am knitting a cute little scarf out of sock yarn for my newly acquired bowling pin.  That’s actually not giving me a hard time at all.  Simple garter stitch on size 2 needles.   I need to figure out a pattern for a cute little Santa hat for him too.  I had named him Wilson, but was told I can’t name him that, as that’s the name of the volleyball in the Tom Hank’s movie.  I’m open to suggestions as to a new name.

I’ll eventually get something finished.  Until then, I’m still playing with yarn.


~ by Kerri on December 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Yarn fail….”

  1. Kerri! That was the whole point that “Wilson” was from the movie! All inanimate friends are named Wilson 😉

  2. My vote is Pinfold.

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