The most wonderful time of the year

That time of year is nearly upon me again.  Funny how it shows up every year, at the same time.  And yet…I can’t seem to prepare myself for it early enough.  It’s just hot to have a pile of knitting in my lap during the hot summer months.  This leaves me with two options.  Either I knit right after Christmas, and put it all away for the upcoming holiday, or I bust my butt to get it all done right before the holiday.

What do I do?  I do the latter.  I’m busily knitting up a storm, trying to get gifts done in time.  I will show what I’m working on, but can’t even begin to elaborate on who they’re for.  They read things like this 😉

Rose Tyler Wristwarmers

Oh!  I need to tell you all about my newest, cool find–square double pointed needles!  I had to find out what was so cool about these new items.  The back of the packaging says that they’re easier on your hands.  They are also supposed to be good for those that have carpal tunnel, arthritis and stiffness in their hands and fingers.  They also say that they let you keep your stitches more uniform.  So far they’re feeling pretty nice in my hands.

Here are those glorious square needles from Kollage Yarns.  I’m knitting up a pair of the Rose Tyler Arm Warmers again.  I’ve only done one row on the new needles, but so far they feel great in my hands.

square needles

This is going to be a kitty-eared hat.  The yarn I’m using is a plush yarn and the stitches tend to hide a bit.  I’ll have to determine if I can pick up the stitches for the ears, when I get to that part.

purple hat

This skein of yarn practically jumped into my arms at the store.  I don’t know what it will become yet, but it will definitely go to a very loving home.


I also wanted to throw in a picture of my new haircut.  I am rocking out the short hair lately and LOVING it!  It’s pretty much a pixie cut, but I can totally hawk it up like you see in the picture here.  I can’t wait till Halloween!  I work the morning of Halloween and am going to work IN costume.  I’m going punk.  Gonna put a purple streak in my hair, hawk it up and wear some cool striped stockings, skirt, t-shirt and cute shoes.  YAY!

Knit on peoples!


~ by Kerri on October 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “The most wonderful time of the year”

  1. Love the hat and the leg warmers! At this time of the year, my knitting needles are out and ready to go…I am knitting up a storm on bulky wool knitted scarves – my days are knitting kitty ear hats are gone for now.

    Love your blog.

  2. Thanks Liliana! They’re actually arm warmers that I’m knitting up for a Christmas present. I will eventually get to making some leg warmers some day.

  3. Kerri,

    I too love my square needles! They rock! I also use tons and sons of encore yarn! I wish I could have it all just delivered to my house!

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