Crochet? *gasps* Say it isn’t so!

I haven’t updated here in a while.  I’m designing and playing with yarn today.  More appropriately, crochet cotton.  I used to crochet when I was younger.   I would make detailed little snowflakes, then starched them and put them on the christmas tree.  I made shelf lace, doilies and I even went so far as to make a crocheted collar for a dress.  I don’t even know if that’s still in a box somewhere.  A couple years ago, I got some yarn, a big chunky hook and made a poncho for my niece.   I haven’t really crocheted anything else since then.  I’ve done the occasional border on knitted pieces, but that’s been the extent of my crocheting escapades.

Today, I’m trying my hand at it again.  Man oh man.  I now know why I love knitting so much.  Even with finer yarn, it’s STILL easier.  I know it’s simply because I’m not that practiced at it.  I will get better with time and patience, but can I just skip to the “learning crochet montage” now and be done with it?

I’ll get this down and sure I’ll be semi-pleased with the results.  Only time will tell.  Pictures will follow when this item is completed.


~ by Kerri on April 28, 2009.

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