Jewel Toned Skinny Scarf

I just finished a gift for a friend.  I posted in my LiveJournal a give-away of sorts.  The first 5 people to comment would get a handmade item by me.  I am able to pick the color, the item and they would receive it by year’s end.  I finished the first for a friend in Maryland.

Her favorite colors were dark jewel tones.  I had the perfect yarn in my stash-Berroco’s Foliage.  It’s now discontinued, but they have something similar called Geode.  I’m sending it on it’s way tomorrow afternoon!

Ten stitches were cast on size 10 1/2 needles.  I worked until I used up the entire skein (100 yards of yarn).  I’m more than pleased with how it turned out!

Click on the link to see another picture!


~ by Kerri on February 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Jewel Toned Skinny Scarf”

  1. Ooh, pretty scarf! Lucky friend! You do really nice work.

  2. Thanks Betty! It was so very easy and the yarn did all the beauty work.

  3. Kerri..beautiful scarf!! Saw mom’s slippers..she wore them when your folks came up for dinner one night. I thought they were quite “fab”..looked warm & cozy/comfy!

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