Knitting AND food!

Ok, so this post has NOTHING to do with knitting. I’m posting it because it was just too good not to share!

This weekend, at work, we served a Chicken Florentine as a dinner special.  I decided to make it at home, to the best of my ability of course.  It came out more than amazing!!!  And true to my abilities, there is no recipe to speak of.  I paired it with Yellow Tail’s Shiraz-Cabernet, making this meal nothing short of amazing!

Ok, fine.  I’m going to make a knitting reference here, just so that I can say this post is still knitting related.  I started on a beautiful piece for a friend in Maryland.  I can’t say what it is, because she may read this.  I will most definitely post pictures when it’s done and mailed out to her.

I also started on my first pair of socks, but had to rip them out because I didn’t read the pattern closely enough.  Next time around, I will be sure to put in a lifeline.

And without further ado…Click on the link to see the pictures of dinner 🙂


~ by Kerri on February 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Knitting AND food!”

  1. Surely does look delicious…you take wonderful pictures, as your Mother does!

  2. Thanks Betty!!! Mom and I drool over each other’s pictures of food! 😉

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