Time-Traveling Wizard’s Scarf

I’m posting this charity ebay auction listing for a friend. I’m going to just copy and paste his description, rather than try to find clever words of my own.  Please be sure to click on the link below for the actual auction!  This is for a good cause, and it’s a very hearty, comfy scarf.  I have personally handled, and tried it on.  VERY soft and warm!

The Score

Okay, here’s the deal. This past fall, I made a scarf for a friend, using a pair of colors one might find at a school for wizarding. When that was said and done, I had rather a lot of yarn left over. Rather than doing the sensible thing and making small things out of that yarn, like mittens and hats, I opted to make another scarf. Only this pattern would be based on a scarf worn by a time-traveling alien from another world.

So I did that and now find myself with a mega-long scarf that I don’t need. I thought about donating it to the Mitten Tree, a local charity that gets cold weather clothing to people who need it, but this scarf is more significant for its appearance than its practicality in warding off the cold.

Fortunately, a friend smarter than I said, “Auction it off and give the money to charity.” And that sounded like a great idea to me, so that’s what I’m doing. All the proceeds from this auction, minus the shipping cost of a flat rate USPS box — yes, I’m taking on the eBay fees — will go to COTS, the Committee On Temporary Shelter, located in Burlington, Vermont.

Through the automagic of eBay and MissionFish, the whole donation process is taken care of. Once I receive payment from the winner, I will forward the sale price of the auction on to MissionFish, who in turn passes it to COTS themselves — after taking a bite for their own operating expenses, according to the eBay Giving Works terms and conditions document.

The Scarf

Like the tin says, this is the perfect scarf for a time-traveling wizard. Not only is it a fine way to show support for one’s team in the local wizardly sporting league, it’s a handy tool in the time traveler’s arsenal: measuring the relative length of things, tripping up pursuing aliens, etc.

It’s made of 100% wool yarn from the Brown Sheep Company and was hand-knitted. I would be greatly surprised if there’s another one like it in the world.


~ by Kerri on January 21, 2009.

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